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 R2 provides quality media in exchange for excess inventory and other underperforming assets, in branding, direct response and hybrid environments.  We are media and marketing mix component neutral with a strong ROI orientation, dedicated to finding the touch points yielding the best results. 

·  Television: All six networks, every spot market, major syndicators, direct response and infomercials.

·  Radio: Network, each spot market, traffic reports and syndicated programming.

·  Cable: Established and new networks, regional and local.

·  Magazines: Most major consumer, trade and specialty publications, advertorials and custom publishing.

·  Out of Home: Billboards, transit, shopping malls, airports, sporting events, posters, mobile media and other outdoor options.

·  In-store and place based media:  Place based video, in-store radio, malls, couponing and sampling.

·  InteractiveMedia: The most popular internet destinations, portals, Email, search engine marketing and optimization, key words, contextual and behavioral marketing, social networking, web sites of print and broadcast media outlets, on line services, special interest pages, chat rooms, special events, blogs and more.

· International Media: Electronic, print and out of home in Canada, Latin America, Europe, the Middle East, Africa, Asia and Australia.

· Alternative Media:  Guerrilla marketing, street teams, graffiti and product placements.


R2 will develop and execute, results achieving media plans customized to your needs, or will work closely with in-house media departments, ad agencies, and buying services to fulfill client objectives.

 R2 works with a variety of price benchmarks including published rate cards, cost per point services such as  SQAD, negotiated rates and those of the clients’ choosing. We also created Rating Modifier, a proprietary benchmark that modifies cost per point services’ weaknesses and biases, showing a more accurate market price picture.

Non-barter accounts can also use Reciprocal Results and R2 for cash media planning and buying. We even have traditionally received more cash media billing than from barter accounts because companies that buy media appreciate R2's strategic planning, tactical execution and superior negotiation skills (Not enough companies, unfortunately for them, appreciate what we have to offer, but we're working on that), as well as our creativity and strong customer service. 

Our expertise is not limited to just media.  We can provide total marketing mix and communications planning.

 The belief that size matters in the ability to plan and buy media is a myth perpetuated by large organizations that have little else besides size and mediocrity to offer.  The equation of size with media clout is the biggest lie in advertising.  Its talent, creativity, knowledge, know how and sweat that matters.

 Companies bragging about clout have little when a hundred million dollar account has to spend 90 percent of their media budget on network television.  The networks realize that these clients could not possibly reallocate much of these huge budgets to other media and thus run the table.  This is why the broadcast networks continue to increase CPMSs to the clout bragging buyers of media during the upfront despite ratings plummeting. 

 Marketers can employ mega agencies and media service companies to buy their non-broadcast media, where it will be handled by 23 year old assistant planners and buyers more concerned about hooking up at the latest hot spot than saving their unlucky clients money, or they can use R2 and be serviced by senior management, while saving 50 percent or more on the cost of the same advertising.


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