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R2 can buy almost any consumer or general business inventory. For barter to be beneficial to the client, the merchandise must be selling for well below the original price or accrue prohibitive storage expenses. Barter is not advantageous, if current resale efforts generate adequate profits.

R2 buys overages and surpluses created by over production, acquisitions, canceled major customer orders, distribution center closings and packaging changes. We purchase closeouts, discontinued, obsolete and short dated merchandise. Refurbished or reconditioned merchandise, B goods, consumer and retail returns, seconds, irregulars and usable or repairable damaged merchandise are no problem for R2.

Although finished goods are preferred, we structure agreements for parts, components, machinery and consumer or food service ingredients from manufacturers and restaurants.

R2 can also help clients with inventory problems related to merchandise produced by other companies. Buy backs and stock lifts of competitive products for retail shelf space can be efficiently liquidated. Premium, promotional and purchase with purchase merchandise surpluses are excellent barter candidates as well.

Reciprocal trade can also recoup some of the costs associated with excess or underutilized capacity. Manufactures of products as diverse as ice cream, coffee, cold beverages, paint, computers, shampoo and Japanese beetle traps have explored regular branded product or private label excess capacity barter. With R2’s aid, some of these companies even gained new distribution channels. The perceived barter value must exceed production costs for excess manufacturing capacity arrangements to be cost effective.

Excess capacity is not limited to merchandise. Tenantless real estate, vacant hotel rooms and empty airline seats cause unnecessary revenue losses each unfilled month, day or trip. Empty seats also siphon potential restaurant profits. Printers have excess capacity when the presses are running and moving services have seasonal idle time. Barter turns all of these potential profit drains into positive bottom line contributors.

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