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Roy Moskowitz founded Reciprocal Results in response to the unsavory reputation corporate barter continues to perpetuate with unethical behavior, despite rhetoric to the contrary. Enron even had a division that handled corporate trade and offered Reciprocal Results/R2 chief executive Roy Moskowitz $400,000 to run the division.  

Like Tom Cruise in Jerry Maguire, Roy Moskowitz was inspired to reinvent an ethically challenged industry. Our mission is to combine Jerry Maguire earnestness with Mark McGwire performance (regardless of steroids).

 The concept of honest and ethical barter with a strong client service orientation was the reason for Reciprocal Results’ birth. One of the names first considered for the company was Probus Mutto, Latin for honest barter or honest exchange.

The barter community often violates its own ethics code, routinely using ambiguous contract language to commit near grand larceny, while keeping the barter media process a mystery to clients. Our mission is to demystify that process.

Many leading barter companies guarantee full wholesale without disclosing that they can only achieve such pricing under cash blends. Many of these organizations also tell straight trade accounts that readily accessible media is unavailable. 

When evaluating barter companies, do not pay much attention to big name references. Many corporate barter organizations adequately service a few key accounts to use as references and churn and burn the rest.

But the decision makers at the world's largest companies still buy into the tales spun by certain barter organizations and are often too lazy to carefully review deal details and care just about simplicity and the size of their barter partner.  Simple does not always mean better.  Cash blends are simple, but many are being disallowed by auditing firms because they offer little actual value to shareholders and drain cash flow.

Barter remains an excellent accounting and inventory liquidation tool, despite the caveat emptor market place created by the industry’s excesses and indiscretions. R2 aims to change that image by providing clients with value, quality service and honest Reciprocal Results.

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