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The most frequently asked question by companies exploring barter is, “Where does the merchandise go?” Our laconic response is, “We don’t know.”

The inventory specifics and the client’s distribution requirements determine ultimate destination. After R2 receives geographic, class of trade and specific account restrictions, potential inventory buyers and distribution channels are identified. R2 pledges to never intentionally sell an inventory in sensitive or restricted channels or disturb current marketing efforts.

Our resale efforts are discreet. There are no reasons for the entire closeout community and your competition to learn of the inventory problem.

Many barter companies confine themselves to a few distribution sources. These sources, which we call the usual suspects, routinely violate client restrictions and submit low ball cash offers, thus limiting barter options.

R2 selects buyers meeting client individual needs through networking and research, utilizing directories, data bases, industry publications, market research and the Internet. We find inventory specific resources compatible with distribution restrictions.

Here are some potential product resale resources:

·         Designer and name brand off price stores and chains.

·       Stores that traditionally don’t sell certain product lines (e.g., food being sold to retail clothing chains).

·       Rural and inner city distribution.

·         Mom and Pops and bodegas.

·         Factory outlets.

·         Mass merchandisers, supermarkets and drugstores.

·         Warehouse clubs and super stores.

·         Company and institutional Stores.

·         Catalogs, direct mail, and direct response television.

·         Television shopping networks.

·         The Internet & E Commerce.

·         Premium and incentive markets.

·         Trading the inventory to media outlets and other R2 and Reciprocal Results clients.

·         Co-packing.

·         Private label distribution.

·         Exports.


R2 Distribution Services can use these resources to find suitable inventory homes as a more traditional cash merchandise buyer, should barter not be an option.  For example, R2 helped Virgin, when barter wasn't an option, exit the children's software business. 


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